Musculoskeletal podiatry and orthotics

If you are experiencing any pain in the muscles or bones in your foot, this may mean the mechanics of your feet are not working as well as they could.

We are delighted to offer a new more advanced service to our biomechanics appointments with our new footscan. This will take a dynamic footprint to allow us to prescribe 3D printed orthoses more accurately than ever!

A biomechanical assessment involves an examination of the lower limbs, looking at their structure, alignment, muscle strengths and weaknesses.

The foot is a complex structure of 28 different bones, 214 ligaments and 38 muscles,that must work together synergistically to allow us to walk and run.

The examination is not focused solely on the foot but includes careful observation of the pelvis, legs and knees during gait (walking) as well as assessing the relationship between them. It is important to examine the lower limbs as a whole because they are closely connected and pain in one area can be due to a weakness or structural problem in another area.

The assessment itself is made up of 3 parts. A thorough medical history, an on-couch examination, where you will need to lie on your front and back and a walking examination. From these three aspects of examination, your podiatrist will be able to identify the range and quality of motion through your lower limb joints and muscles and identify any structural or functional issues surrounding your lower limb mechanics.

Your podiatrist will then be able to prescribe an individual treatment plan including a range of exercises, stretches and manufacture some insoles (orthotic devices) which you can place in your shoes to correct your particular issue. The type and style of orthotic depends on an individual’s needs. It is usually good practice to try a simple handmade or ‘chair side’ orthotic to enable the podiatrist to ‘fine tune’ the correction. Once a perfect prescription has been identified, more permanent orthotics (made from carbon fibre or a range of plastics) can be manufactured in laboratories across the country. These cost significantly more, however they have a prolonged duration along with a manufacturer’s guarantee.




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