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“Following a long summer in the mountains I started to experience some significant pain in the arches of both feet and an set of blisters whenever I ran for more than three miles. After a couple of false starts with a generalist physiotherapist I saw Emma who quickly diagnosed the problem, gave me some remedial stretches and made some orthotics to fit into my boots. Within three weeks the problem had all but disappeared and I am now happily back in the hills. Emma was confident, professional and right first time, I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Mr Pountney

“Emma’s treatment was not only highly beneficial and professional and the end result was a significant improvement in the condition of my feet but more than that, her skill in identifying ongoing issues that we’re causing damage was exemplary and I am confident that with her assistance I can start to see a long term improvement to my foot health.”

Mr Gavin
Charlton Kings

Our patients’ response to how we could improve our clinic and services:


“If Catherine lived next door!”“No improvements needed”

“The service at the clinic is very good…I don’t think you can change the clinic in any way”

“Very happy with the service”

“I would just like to say what an excellent service”

“Over the years attending with Catherine, no complaints what so ever”

“I can’t think of anything to suggest to improve this clinic, we already get the best”

“I have been coming here for years and the staff and service are excellent, thank you! There are no suggestions for improvement as I find it wonderful”