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Fungal Nail Treatment

Our new innovative micro drilling treatment ‘Clearanail’ offers a painfree and simple solution to tackling fungal nails.


This includes:

Identification of problem:

Sometimes your discoloured nail is due to trauma and not an infection. Our podiatrists will give advice regarding the status of your nail.

Painless micro drilling (and nail thickness reduction if required)

 The Clearanail drill uses a single use microcutter to make tiny holes in the nail plate. This will allow the terbinafine solution to penetrate deep into the infected nail to kill the infection from the inside. Usually this is a one-off treatment but if your nail grows quickly, the holes will progress up the nail. If your infection is well established you may need a second session. You will also be provided with your first terbinafine spray solution which you must apply twice a day everyday without fail to really give you the best shot at killing your fungal infection.


Your podiatrist may want to take photos to allow you to see the improvements over time. This can be a slow process as the infection needs to grow out.

45 minute appointment.

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