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Skin and Nail Care

Podiatrists are autonomous healthcare professionals who aim to improve the mobility, independence and quality of life for their patients.

This includes:

Nail care: 

Cutting and filing of nails. Reducing thickened nails with a gentle drill. Advice on how to care for your nails.

Callus debridement (reduction)

 Painful build up of callus is carefully and painlessly removed, using files and scalpel techniques.

Corn removal (enucleation)

A range of treatments are available for corns. The most common treatment is to reduce and remove the corn and callus using a scalpel technique. This is generally totally painless. Other treatments such as silver nitrate or use of acid can be discussed for extremely deep or troublesome corns.

Verruca treatments 

There is a wide range of treatments available for verrucas and each has its own merits. Your podiatrist will be able to discuss the treatment that they feel is most appropriate for your circumstances.

Skin assessments 

A major part of maintaining healthy feet is to ensure the skin is in good condition. You podiatrist is always happy to give advice on how to maintain good foot hygiene to ensure the integrity of your skin stays at its best.

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