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Foot and joint pain


Joint pain in the foot can be caused by many things. One common cause is ‘wear and tear’ or osteoarthritis.

Treatment consists of managing the condition and pain relief.
This “conservative” approach includes anti-inflammatory drugs, orthotics, padding and strapping, and in some cases steroid injection.

If you have joint pain, then a bio-mechanical assessment is required to investigate the causes of the condition, as well as creating an individual treatment plan.

Other causes of pain could include:

Problems within the bio-mechanics of our feet and gait can cause pain not only in the feet themselves, but also further up in the legs knees, hips and back. Conditions such as Morton’s Neuroma, metatarsal (ball of foot) pain, bruising and shin splints can all cause pain in the feet.

Treatment options

Discuss the pain with your GP. They may be able to offer advice and prescribe suitable pain relief.

A podiatrist can carry out a bio-mechanical assessment. This looks at all aspects of foot and lower limb function, including gait analysis. Following the assessment, some orthotics can be manufactured and an individual treatment plan inlcuding exercise or stetches can be formulated for your needs.


Orthotic devices and stretching in combination work extremely well to reduce and correct the source of pain.

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