Supafoot ‘Performance’

Supafoot ‘Performance’




We are offering a truly unique analysis package for runners and walkers.

Sam Chidwick (Podiatrist and Personal Trainer) and Emma Price (Podiatrist and Clinical Director) both highly experienced clinicians with significant training in gait analysis and biomechanics, offer this superb venture at the Cheltenham Clinic.


  • Setting goals and objectives.
  • Detailed history taking.
  • Biomechanical assessments (non-weight bearing and weight bearing)
  • Outdoor running / walking assessment
  • Optogait assessment
  • Footscan pressure analysis
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Debrief with a suggested treatment plan.

We go through your history and goals/objectives before taking you through a variety of tests and assessments. It starts with weight bearing and non weight bearing assessments, strength and balance testing pre-fatigue. Next we will take you out for a run (weather depending) and/or a walk based on the activity we are assessing. We then return to the clinic and go through post-fatigue testing.

Next we will take you through Optogait, and Footscan both advanced computer based analysis system we have at Supafoot Cheltenham. You then get a well deserved chance to relax and have a drink. This gives us some time to work through our data collection, we will then sit down and discuss our findings with you. Based on your goals and plans, we will discuss recommendations and possible exercises, actions or changes to training and form that you can take to develop your running and/or walking training, performance and fitness. We provide our findings to you in a digital format and as a printed portfolio.

We need you to bring running and walking gear and ideally two pairs of trainers (one for outdoor and one for indoor use if possible). The rest we will do.