(Correct from 1st March 2018)
Shockwave Therapy
£90 (initial treatment)
£70 (follow up treatment)



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Verruca needling
£250 (After surgical assessment appointment)


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Fungal Nail Infection
£120 Clearanail treatment (incl topical solution)
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Verruca treatment only
£25 (Only after Initial Consultation)


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Nail Reconstruction
All patients must have an initial consultation  if they are new to Supafoot.
£25  (plus treatment fee)


Please ask reception for more details.

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Bespoke Orthotics
Range from £70 to £350

(depending on requirements)

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Nail Surgery
£270 (1 toe) and  £320 (2 toes)

Surgical Assessment appointment : £40 (required before all surgery appointments if you are a new patient)

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