Athletes Foot Between The Toes

If you are suffering from pain, itching or soreness between your toes, it could be a fungal infection called tinea pedis, more commonly known as athlete’s foot. Read on for more information and to find out how Supafoot can help you… 

What is athlete’s foot – why does it happen?

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection called tinea pedis. It is caused by an overgrowth of fungal microbes on the skin. This can lead to itching and sometimes blistering and splitting of the skin.

Athletes foot can occur anywhere on your feet, but the most common place is between your toes. Depending on your skin tone, it may look white, red or yellow in colour. Another common presentation of athletes foot is as blisters or pustules under the sole of the foot or in the arch. 

What else can cause pain between my toes?

Other common causes of soreness or pain of the skin between the toes include corns or soft corns, blisters and splits of the skin caused by friction and not drying the feet properly.

Soft corns, splits and even athletes foot can develop bacterial infections and even ulcerate if left untreated.

Be particularly aware if you live with diabetes too or have reduced feeling in your feet, called neuropathy. Sometimes things that would usually cause pain and discomfort, may not, so it’s a good idea to come and see us and get your feet checked. 

What should I do next?

The great news is that we can treat all of these foot conditions at Supafoot, so get in touch, and book an appointment if you are one of our existing patients, or book in for an assessment if you are new to Supafoot. We can offer assessment, treatment and advice to keep you on your feet and pain free. 

If you have corns or hard skin causing the issue, then we can usually treat these in clinic and develop an ongoing management plan with you. If the cause if a fungal or bacterial infection, we can provide you with medication or cream to help treat these too. We may also advise on footwear, foot hygiene and self care, and we check your feet over at the same time, including assessing your blood supply and the sensation in your feet. 

If you don’t live near either Supafoot Cheltenham or Supafoot Birmingham, we can recommend PodiPedia as a great website to find an HCPC registered podiatrist near you instead. 

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