Phits 3D printed orthoses

We want to introduce our newest tech available in both clinics – Phits 3D printed orthoses using RS Scan Footscan.

Our biomechanical assessments will now include the use of the Footscan to provide us with even more data to understand why your feet are painful.

It also gives us information regarding your risk for future injury, gives highly accurate foot size information and more informed data for orthosis prescription.

We will be using footscan on anyone with foot related pain or injuries to give us detailed insight along with our chairside and running analysis where appropriate.

After our assessment is complete, we will provide footwear advice, exercise prescription and if necessary prescribe a phits 3D printed orthosis that will be light, comfortable and wearable with only a 2-3 week turnaround.

Phits 3D printed orthoses are special in that they are the world’s first 3D printed orthosis taken from a dynamic scan. They are also as low bulk as possible allowing them to fit into work shoes and can be 3/4 length or full length to fit into a range of sporting and casual footwear.

For more info take a look at the Phits website.

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